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BADIs Constitution

BADIs Constitution

Our constitution, as most recently amended at our AGM of 10th January 2008, is as follows:

1. Name

We are "Birmingham ADIs" (here called, and also known as, "BADIs").

2. Objectives

Our Objectives are to: improve our standards, knowledge, and understanding of the profession, working constructively with DSA; provide general meetings to exchange news, views, ideas etc, and to hear guest speakers; and provide facilities to gain further relevant qualifications and experience.

3. Membership

We are open to ADIs and Potential ADIs who live or work in or near Birmingham. "Potential ADI" means a person who wants to become an ADI. All members have equal status. Members may resign at any time by informing the Secretary. Such resignation shall not give entitlement to refund to any part of a subscription.

4. Subscriptions

Members pay an annual subscription, as set by the Committee. This becomes due on each 1 January.

5. Annual General Meeting

Each January we shall hold an Annual General Meeting ("AGM") at which we shall: receive the Treasurer's Report for the past year (the twelve months ending on the last day of December); elect our Committee for the period to the next AGM; and deal with any other business. Eight members shall form a quorum. The Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Secretary (or a deputy) shall record AGM decisions in writing.

6. Committee

We shall have a Committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to eight other members. The quorum for Committee meetings is three, and there shall be at least one Committee meeting between AGMs. Subject to the above, the Committee may remove members from, or appoint them to, Committee, until the next AGM.

7. Money

The Treasurer shall maintain a bank account, receive and make payments on behalf of BADIs, maintain proper records, and prepare an annual report (for the twelve months to the end of December) for the AGM.

8. Changes to this constitution

Any change to this constitution, and / or dissolution of BADIs, requires a two-thirds majority at an AGM.

9. Dissolution

If we vote to dissolve BADIs, any assets (after meeting our liabilities) shall be donated to a registered charity, chosen by the meeting at which we are dissolved.