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Who are BADIs

BADIs (short for "Birmingham ADIs") is an organisation for ADIs and for those who want to become ADIs, living or working in or near Birmingham.

ADI or DVSA ADI is the short form of Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (Car).

We believe that our members are more enthusiastic about their profession, and are of higher average ability, than the average ADI.

They are also keener to improve their own abilities and teaching skills, and to work towards a better industry, so benefiting their own businesses and providing a better service to their clients.

BADIs differs from some other local ADI organisations in the UK in that it recognizes that the way to success as an ADI is not by complaining

“the DVSA have got it in for me”

“that driving school is trying to get my business”

“that ADI is rubbish”

but by adopting a professional and positive approach to self-improvement, and by working constructively with DVSA and others.

Indeed, the name "BADIs" (pronounced "baddies") is a deliberate counter by the preponderance of less enlightened ADIs who think that they are the "goodies", the DVSA are the “baddies”, and that the world in general (and DVSA in particular) owe them a living.

They do not. One of the functions of the DVSA is to protect the public from errant ADIs. This website is set up with that in mind.

The inaugural meeting of BADIs was on Thursday 27th January 2000.

BADIs' founding members were David Wilkinson and Lisa Attwell (now Lisa Anderson).

They were joined by James Quinn and Steve Tew to make up the founding committee.

Members can find an account of the history of BADIs by clicking here.

BADIs is run by a committee which currently comprises a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and other committee members, in accordance with its Constitution.

BADIs is open to any ADI, and anyone who wants to become an ADI, and who lives or works in or near Birmingham. This makes it especially suitable for those starting out on an ADI career, who can benefit from the experience and advice of more experienced members.

Find out more about joining BADIs Click Here